The CXO Career Path Program

You could be a Talented Leader with a lot of potential. You have proved yourself all along and you have been able to climb the career ladder easily. You could be a leader aspiring to move into the CXO Roles or the C-Suite or you could be a leader aspiring to move into senior leadership roles in your organization. While you believe in your ability, potential and past performance and your supervisors & stakeholders are able to appreciate the strengths you bring to the table, they see a few areas where you need to improve yourself.

You could the HR Leader or Talent Management Leader who is on a mission to increase the capability of your people. You have identified the hi-potential and hi-performance employees and you are focused on preparing them for the next level roles. While you know their strengths, you are aware of their development areas, based on feedback from their supervisor, peers and stakeholders. You know that if they don’t overcome their development areas, their career in the organization could be derailed.

Do you want to accelerate your CXO Career and insure your Career prospects?

Do You want to develop your employees and prepare them for the next level?

The CXO Career Path program is focused on preparing the participants for CXO Jobs and become future ready. The program will help the participants to achieve the following objectives

– Increase their Thinking Performance, improve the quality of their thought and learn tools to increase performance on business tasks. Business Tasks at CXO Level require quality thinking to achieve them well. We will help you to profile your thinking energies, identify & prepare for the thinking requirements needed to fulfil organizational tasks at CXO Level and gain know-how tools to increase performance on business deliverables.

– Increase their Emotional Intelligence, develop their leadership dimensions of emotional intelligence and improve their charisma. You will be able to develop your emotional intelligence across 16 dimensions and begin a journey of discovery to know your derailing behaviours which are preventing you from moving up to your CXO role.

– Increase their leadership ability in the four EQ Dimensions of Authenticity, Coaching, Innovation & Insight.

• Authenticity – Become an authentic leader and become a role model to inspire moral behaviour, command esteem and confidence from colleagues.

• Coaching – Become a coaching leader who coaches effectively and operate as a mentor responding to nurture employees to achieve their highest level of performance.

• Insight – Become an Insightful Leader who portrays insight by communicating purpose, meaning, and a vision for colleagues to follow.

• Innovation – Become an innovative leader who places importance on taking risks, spurring colleague’s ingenuity, imagination and autonomous thought.

"It is very important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head--it is the unique intersection of both". -David Caruso

Key Takeaways - What you will receive?

– EQ-I 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment to understand your profile against 15 competencies. The EQ-i 2.0 is one of the most scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence instruments on the market today and this instrument measures the interaction between a person and his or her environment, then presents results in both numerical and graphical form.
– Receive the EQ-I Leadership report with detailed information on the four critical EQ Leadership competencies of of Authenticity, Coaching, Insight and Innovation, understand your EQ Leadership potential and become aware of your leadership derailers.
– Thinking Performance Assessment to increase your thinking performance, improve the quality of your thought and learn tools to increase performance on business tasks. Our assessment is a unique instrument that makes visible what is normally hidden – the inner drives which shape thought. We call these inner drives “Thinking-Intentions”. There are 21 of these essential activities of mind.
– Personal Success Plan to map your strengths and development areas, map your potential and develop a specific plan to increase your success rate for nine months.
– Nine Executive Coaching sessions spread across nine months to increase self-awareness, build your development plan, deep dive to identify anchors, develop SMART goals, fix accountability and gain tangible improvements.
– The EQ Edge Book by Dr. Steven Stein and Dr. Howard Book.
– Brand New You ready for the CXO Job, to take on the world, to chart your success steps, to map your future success and a role model for others.

Begin Your Journey Today to get ready for your CXO Career!

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“Emotional intelligence is the ultimate soft skill, encompassing everything from the way we listen, communicate and resolve conflict to how our teams work together and stay motivated.”
– Forbes