Increase Diversity & Inclusion

Embracing Diversity & Inclusion

We help Leaders & Organizations to assess the current D&I Behaviours & status, understand challenges, learn the best way forward & implement action plans to increase the D & I in your organization. The D&I Assessment is based on unique research showing how leaders increase diversity and inclusion through their daily behaviour to the benefit of all of your employees and the bottom line.

The D&I Assessment is a cultural assessment survey tool which you can simply administer online, or with paper copies. It shows you how engaged people are within your organisation, depending on their demographic background, and what leaders are doing that is enabling or inhibiting. The output you will receive is in the form of both a report and a workshop. We will present a range of clear graphs and personal recommendations that are accessible at all levels.
The recommendations demonstrate how to create clear plans and cascade responsibility and action throughout your organisation to benefit from diversity and inclusion.

Benefits to the Organization

• Save potential millions – assessing leadership culture using the Embracing Diversity Inventory and acting on the findings has been shown to assist organisations in avoiding millions in employee- related costs, such as absenteeism due to stress or disengagement, discrimination claims, and lost productivity.

• Benefit all employees – the inventory benefits your whole organisation since it measures leadership behaviours factors that have been proven to increase satisfaction, motivation, commitment, and other engagement factors across the whole population, not just underrepresented groups

• Focus on the factors that really make a difference – the inventory is quite different from other diversity and inclusion tools as it focuses beyond typical factors to assess the leadership behaviours that are proven to simply but effectively create best practice in your organisation

• Clear, targeted recommendations – clearly presented tables show you statistically analysed data to pin-point quick wins for leveraging inclusion so that you avoid a “scat- ter-gun” approach in implementing to diversity and inclusion. In addition, customised graphs enable you to easily pinpoint strengths and weaknesses within and between departments in your organisation.

• Tailored questions – you can tailor both questions you want to ask, and outcomes you want to achieve in order to ensure that the tool addresses issues that are specific to you, right now

• Expert-facilitated feedback session – this is provided to help you action plans on how to act on the feedback both for short and long- term gains, and to empower your employees to increase diversity and inclusion, alongside greater engagement across the whole.

“Without Emotional Intelligence, a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but still won’t make a great leader.” - Daniel Goleman

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