EQ Training Programs

Our certified Emotional Intelligence Trainers will help to achieve visible improvements in the emotional intelligence of the participants. Our certified facilitators will help the individuals/teams/organizations to identify the learning outcomes & the expected behaviour improvements and based on that develop and deliver the training programs. The training programs will be highly experiential focused on ensuring a positive learning impact and behaviour change in the participants.

EQ @ Work Training Program

Emotional intelligence, alternatively known as EI or EQ, reflects an individual’s ability to deal with daily environmental challenges and helps predict success in life, both in professional and personal pursuits. Emotional Intelligence is described as more important than IQ, as it helps us to understand our life, our values better, relate to others effectively, manage challenges positively and lead a balanced life. Emotional Intelligence is a learnable set of practical skills that make a transformational difference at work and at home. In this EQ Awareness program

-Participants will learn about the bottom line benefits that emotional intelligence adds to them and their organization and the link between Emotional Intelligence and performance at work.

-Participants will understand what Emotional Intelligence is, what research says about Emotional Intelligence and understand the difference between EQ and IQ.

-Participants will gain in-depth knowledge about the five areas of emotional intelligence and learn the core insights and competencies that lead to increased leadership performance.

-Participants will learn to increase their Self-awareness and Emotional Literacy.

-Participants will enhance their Empathy, develop skills to increase Social Expertness, increase effectiveness of Personal Influence, and develop a purpose and vision.

EQ Leader Training Program

Emotional Intelligence plays a very critical role in leadership success and preventing corporate derailment. According to Center for Creative Leadership, “75 percent of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies, including inability to handle interpersonal problems; unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict; or inability to adapt to change or elicit trust. Research has proven several applications Emotional Intelligence in Sales, Productivity, Performance, Employee Engagement and Customer service.

The EQ Leader Program is focused on helping participants understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence and developing critical EQ Skills to be successful at work and lead teams effectively. The learning objectives are

– Understand the difference between EQ & IQ and the benefits of having higher EQ

– Recognize and understand the competencies for building Emotional Intelligence

– Learn to increase Self-Awareness and Self Control

– Understand and manage the impact on others

– Balance optimism and pessimism & recognizing ones emotional reactions to events

– Empathizing with others and Managing relationships

– Leverage EQ for decision-making and nurturing trust

– Tools to guide & gain control of emotions to difficult & challenging situations

– Integrating EI into everyday life.

EQ Interviewer Training Program

Including emotional intelligence in selection requires understanding the key concepts of EQ and the behavior based questions that support these concepts. Analyzing and interpreting answers so that you can better predict future performance and avoid costly hiring mistakes is critical. Spotting an EQ fraud is also important in your hiring efforts. The EQ Interview Training Program will prepare people to use select behavior based interview questions to analyze and interpret a candidate’s emotional intelligence for the purpose of making informed hiring decisions. The learning objectives are
• Learn the result of research that demonstrates financial and other performance results that can be achieved when high emotional intelligence is applied in the workplace

• Learn a basic understanding of the competencies associated with emotional intelligence

• Identify specific questions for people to ask that will identify EQ competencies

• Learn to interpret answers to questions that reveal highly demonstrated EQ skills

• Learn to determine and predict EQ frauds in the interview process

Customized Programs

We deliver customized Emotional Intelligence programs based on the needs of the clients. Research has proven several applications Emotional Intelligence in Sales, Productivity, Performance, Employee Engagement and Customer service. We will work with you to identify the learning objectives, build the relevant modules and deliver to meet & exceed your expectations

“Without Emotional Intelligence, a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but still won’t make a great leader.” - Daniel Goleman

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