Certified EQ Trainer Program

Certification Program Overview

The Certified EQ Trainer program is a Train the Trainer program for Emotional Intelligence and is focused on helping participants gain all the required skills to become certified trainers of Emotional Intelligence. The participants will learn what is Emotional Intelligence, how to train others in Emotional Intelligence and how to deliver engaging and impactful workshops on Emotional Intelligence. The program will cover all the critical topics related to emotional intelligence and on how to train others on emotional intelligence. After attending this program, the participants will be able to confidently handle a training program on Emotional Intelligence. This program will not only build the skills & competencies to become a certified trainer but also to differentiate yourself as a Certified EQ Trainer and deliver EQ Training in-house or to your clients.

Learning Objectives

a. Learn about Emotional Intelligence
• History of emotional intelligence
• Understand what emotional intelligence means
• Learn techniques to understand, use, and appreciate the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace
• Understand the different emotions and how to manage them
• Learn about the 15 competencies of Emotional Intelligence
• Learn about Emotional Hijacking and how to manage it
• Understand your own Emotional Intelligence through the EQ-i 2.0 Assessment
• Develop a Personal Action Plan to improve your Emotional Intelligence

b. Learn to Train others on Emotional Intelligence
• Learn about the Emotional Intelligence Model
• Learn to introduce and explain the EQ Model
• Learn about the different Emotional Intelligence Competencies
• Learn examples & application for each competency
• Learn different Emotional Intelligence activities
• Learn to use case studies on Emotional Intelligence
• Learn to use videos on Emotional Intelligence

c. Learn to become an Expert Trainer
• Understand the difference between Training and Facilitation
• Learn to prepare for the program, prepare the materials and logistics
• Delivery Tips & Tricks including Visual Aids & assessing participant engagement
• Using Icebreakers, Games, Encouraging Discussions
• Making participants’ experience more interesting and lively
• Dealing with difficult participants
• Understanding & using training metrics

Target Participants

• Anyone who wants to become a Trainer and Facilitator of Emotional Intelligence

Become a Top Emotional Intelligence Trainer

Takeaways for Participants

• Certification as a Certified EQ Trainer
• Personal EQ-i 2.0 Feedback Session and Report
• The EQ Edge Book by Dr. Steven Stein and Dr. Howard Book
• Ready set of PowerPoint Presentations, Facilitator Guide and Participant Guide to conduct a Training Program on Emotional Intelligence
• Models, Tools and Activities for conducting the EQ training program
• Empanelment as an Certified EQ Trainer to receive referrals for training programs

Program Highlights

• Become a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer
• Receive training material (PowerPoint Presentation, Facilitator Guide & Participant Guide) to deliver a training program on Emotional Intelligence
• Learn to become an Expert Trainer with the ability to engage your participants and facilitate learning
• Receive PowerPoint presentation, materials, models, case studies, training activities for your use
• Receive Training material which can be used by you to train others in-house or generate business as an external trainer
• Become empanelled as a Certified EQ Trainer and get referred for the relevant training programs

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