Certified EQ Coach Program

Certification Program Overview

The Certified EQ Coach program is focused on helping participants gain all the required skills & competencies to become a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. The participants will learn what Emotional Intelligence is, what is EQ Coaching, how to coach others in Emotional Intelligence, how to help clients increase their emotional intelligence and become successful at work and in life. This certification program is a powerful addition to increase your impact as a Coach, to widen the areas of your coaching expertise, to add EQ Coaching to your coaching practice and to increase your profile as an accomplished coach.

The program will help the participants to understand the power of coaching and gain critical coaching competencies, understand what is emotional intelligence and different emotional intelligence areas which can be improved through coaching and help participants to learn several tools and techniques which can be used to increase emotional intelligence through coaching. After attending this program, the participants will be able to confidently handle coaching assignments on Emotional Intelligence. This program will not only build the skills & competencies to become a certified EQ Coach but also to differentiate yourself as a Certified EQ Coach and deliver coaching assignments to your clients.

Learning Objectives

a. Learn about Emotional Intelligence
• Learn the history of emotional intelligence
• Understand what emotional intelligence means
• Understand the different emotions and how to manage them
• Learn about the components of emotional intelligence
• Learn about the Emotional Intelligence Model and Competencies
• Learn about research and case studies to appreciate the role of EQ in the workplace

b. Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Coach
• Understand your Emotional Intelligence through the EQ Assessment.
• Understand your strengths and development areas
• Understand your coaching life positions
• Develop an action plan to improve your emotional intelligence
• Reflect on how you can increase your impact as a Coach through EQ

c. Learn the foundations to become an Expert EQ Coach
• Learn the different Emotional Intelligence areas for coaching
• Learn to apply the Emotional Intelligence Model for Coaching
• Learn to use powerful questions for EQ Coaching
• Learn the core coaching skills required for an expert EQ Coach
o Increasing the Awareness of self & clients
o Building and sustaining trust and intimacy with clients
o Learn to facilitate learning and results for emotional intelligence

d. Learn to coach for Emotional Intelligence Leadership Skills
• Learn the characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders
• Learn the Leadership Competencies of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders
• Learn the 6 most important EI factors that predict inspiring leadership
• Learn to use the EQ Model to coach your clients
• Learn to develop an action plan and commitment plan

d. Learn EQ Coaching Skills
• Learn how to coach others for Emotional Fitness
• Learn the five tools of Emotional Fitness Coaching
• Learn to coach clients for emotional literacy
• Learn the four Emotional Intelligence Coaching Skills
• Learn the Emotional Intelligence Coach Model

Become a Top Emotional Intelligence Coach

Takeaways for Participants

• Certification as a Certified EQ Coach
• Personal EQ-i 2.0 Feedback Session and Report
• The EQ Edge Book by Dr. Steven Stein and Dr. Howard Book
• Become an accomplished EQ Coach and help clients achieve extra-ordinary results
• Access to Models, Tools and Activities for delivering EQ Coaching assignments
• Empanelment as an EQ Coach and get referred for coaching opportunities
• EQ Coaching Toolkit for immediate use with your clients

Program Highlights

• Become a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
• Receive materials, models, case studies, coaching activities for your EQ Coaching practice
• Receive a Coaching Toolkit for immediate use with your clients
• Buddy Coaching to enhance your EQ Coaching skills
• EQ-i 2.0 Assessment followed by a coaching session
• Become empanelled as a Coach and get referred for coaching opportunities
• Certification and Title as Certified EQ Coach

Target Participants

• Anyone who wants to become a Coach for Emotional Intelligence

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