About Us

Taliber Consulting is focused on supporting individuals, teams and organizations to become better and succeed by solving their key people challenges. Taliber is a coming together of two words – Talent & Caliber. Raw talent becomes more valuable and priceless when caliber is added to it. Taliber Consulting & Education is focused on helping the talent in organizations to become more valuable and priceless.

Taliber Consulting is dedicated to providing world class Certification, Assessment and Coaching to increase Individual and Team Performance. Our focus is on applying the lens of Emotional Intelligence to the various aspects of a person’s universe and help individuals, teams and organizations develop themselves to become effective and achieve their purpose. We are backed by professionals with several years of corporate experience, certifications and partnerships with Global Organizations who offer world class assessments.

Talent + Caliber = Taliber

We help organizations Transform their Talent to Deliver Business Results.

Our Values – We are governed by our core values of Integrity, Customer First & Performance. With the support of Global Partners and Experienced Associates, Taliber offers best-in-class products & services that are focused on training & developing employees, selecting the right employees and increasing the effectiveness of organizations, teams & individuals. Taliber Consulting is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization.

Why Choose Us?

Global Partners

We are supported by Global Organizations who are leaders in Emotional Intelligence and Psychometric Assessments.


Our Certifications

We are certified by global Certifying organizations like ICF, MHS, 6 Seconds and other leading organizations.


Our Approach

We use integrated and innovative approaches based on Organization Development to deliver value for clients.


Our Experience

Our Coaches and Consultants come with several years of experience in leading Indian and Global organizations.


Our Network

We are supported by a network of certified and trained professionals globally to support the needs of the customer.


Our Services

Our services are focused on increasing individual, team and organization effectiveness.


Our Global Partner

Multi-Health Systems Inc. is a leading publisher of scientifically validated psychometric assessments for more than 30 years in more than 75 countries and translated into over 50 languages. MHS Assessments are used in a wide range of critical decision-making processes. In the workplace, MHS Talent Assessments help inform hiring decisions, develop staff, and improve organization and team dynamics.

upGrad is Asia’s largest higher EdTech company using the latest technology, pedagogy, industry partners and world-class faculty. upGrad creates immersive online experiences for learners globally. The vision of upGrad is “Powering Career Success for every member of the Global Workforce as their trusted lifelong learning partner”.

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