How to build Career Resilience?

In a VUCA world where new careers emerge and old careers vanish in the blink of an eye, it has become critical to develop career resilience. With AI replacing people, business cycles impacting organizations and economies stuttering, building career resilience is a responsibility of both the individual and organization.

While Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from disruptions, Career Resilience is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and making progress towards the career goals. Career resilience can be developed by leveraging Emotional Intelligence.

Here are a few tips for increasing Career Resilience…

U – Understand self by increasing self-awareness of self-beliefs and strengths & development areas. It’s important to build self-confidence and accept both strengths and limitations. This can be a powerful foundation to improve self on those areas which are lacking and pursue meaningful goals.

M – Manage career shocks (positive or negative) by anticipation and by leveraging the required EQ Strategies. This will require the ability to manage stress that can arise due to career shocks, coping with stressful situations and dealing with the emotions related to stress.

P – Persist in the journey towards your goals while making course corrections as required to adapt. This will require the ability to be flexible and avoid curbing tendencies to give up. While flexibility helps to adapt to changing situations, it equally important to stick to the plan by avoiding rash decisions.

I – Inspire yourself by looking at role models who have been in similar situations and succeeded. Immense learning can be gained by understanding what others did to manage ups and downs in career journey and adopting those lessons that are relevant.

R – Relationships that need to be built at work, home and community to help you cushion unforeseen career shocks. It’s important to build mutually satisfying relationships tp develop a network of people. Empathy to self and others is critical to not only understand self but also appreciate how others feel.

E – Explore new paths with Optimism which can accomplish career objectives. New paths can be identified by widening the outlook to life and by looking at hurdles as opportunities.

So it’s about looking at the opportunities instead of the hurdles and a great place to start would be a self-assessment followed by coaching.

We offer assessments and coaching to help individuals to build Career Resilience and win in a difficult market.

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