How to improve Emotional Intelligence!

Back in time, a science journalist and psychologist Daniel Goleman came up with the theory of Emotional Intelligence in his ground-breaking book. The book became one of the best sellers by the New York times and people began to acknowledge the idea of emotional intelligence at workplace.

So basically, what is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence or EQ is the measurement of controlling, perceiving, and evaluating your emotions. Since, here we are talking about workplace, EQ is thus, a measurable component of emotions at your workplace.

It is very crucial to work upon your emotional intelligence, here are a few tips to understand how you can improve its EQ component:

1. Work on your self-awareness
Self-awareness is the power of a person to perceive and understand his/her own moods, emotions, and the drives on the inside and how these things put an impact on the people around. People who have a solid self-confidence and self-awareness ability, can assess themselves better than any other person. Thus, it enables you to have within you the power to improve yourself and learn from the outside without feeling bad about it and depreciating yourself.

2. Work on your regulation
Regulation here means to work on your instant reactions and actions. It means that one must gain control over his impulsive outburst of emotions which may have negative impact on your life. This is the ability one should develop to rise above petty arguments, frustrations, and other negative emotions such as jealousy, insecurity, and much more.
People who have a strong regulation within themselves show a high degree of dignity and integrity.

3. Motivate yourself each day
Motivation refers to bringing within yourself the thought of enthusiasm regarding your job or your workplace. Reminding yourself each day as to why you took this job and what this job has brought to you is extremely important as it helps you clear your mind about why are you doing this job in your life and motivates you to do better each day as now you have a motive to perform better.

4. Work with your empathy
Empathy is the power of the people to understand how others feel and why they respond in a particular way. When you are able to understand why the person on the other end responded or displayed a particular emotion, you are able to respond better. However, this means you need time to analyse and so, you will have to get rid of your instant reactions and take time to absorb what happened and then react in an integral manner.

Emotional intelligence can do wonders for your workplace. Not only it makes you perform better, but it also makes you feel better about it. Thus it is very important that you work to enhance your Emotional Intelligence.

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Ragland Gamaliel, Director, Taliber Consulting (ICF ACC l Assoc CIPD l OD Consultant l EQ Coach & Assessor l D&I Facilitator I Agile Coach)

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